Monday, September 15, 2008

Jomana's Dora B-Day Cake

One of the first cakes I made. Jomana had asked for a Dora cake, a Boots cake, a map cake, and a back-pack cake....this is what she got :-)

Leah's Ladybug Cake

Shareef's 1st B-Day Cake/Cupcakes

Adnan's 2nd B-Day Cake (Spiderman)

Dad's B-Day Cake

Ashley's Surprise Baby Shower Cake/Cupcakes

For a friend at work. Forgot to take photos before I came in to the office!!

Jomana & Hanan's B-Day Cake

My Nephew managed to steel some of the M&M's off the cake before the photo was taken :-)

Adnan's 1st B-Day Cake - Tigger

Dalia's 1st B-Day Nemo Cakes

Wedding Favor Cookies

Handmade Dogwood Flower Wedding Favor Cookies

Emma's 2nd B-Day Cake/Cookies

Aiva's B-Day Cake/Cupcakes

Avery's Mario B-Day Cake